Palm Harbor Church of Christ

Continuous Prayer List

February, 2020


Linda G – Severe medical issues

June C (former member) – Cancer

Will P (Sr.’s cousin) – Stomach cancer

Kevin K (Ethel’s son-in-law) – Bone cancer/terminal

Marlene W (Sims’ – Floral City Church) – Sister – brain tumor, son – bladder cancer

Jim H – Needs liver transplant

Sue N (Atherton’s friend) – Recovering from open heart surgery

Anna M (Al’s friend) – Head pains

Daniel M (Schiano’s friend) – Flesh eating bacteria/surgery

Mr. Forbes (contact of Dawn) – Cancer

Kendall J (Daigle friend) – Needs liver transplant

Sean S (George’s friend) – Has to redo previous treatments

Ethel P – Strength for family problems

Janice S – Adjusting to medication

Ashley S – Follow up treatment for pain for disc and fractured back

Homer D (former member) – Lung cancer/partial lung removal

Norman and Evelyn A – Health issues

Teresa S, her children and grandchildren – Life struggles

George R (Dawn’s co-worker’s father) – Medical testing bladder cancer

Romeo C (Jerome’s friend) – Needs prayers/job stress/etc.

Diana (Maggi’s daughter) – Cancer, some improvement, oral chemo

Gayle R (John’ co-worker) – Stage 3 lung cancer

Linda K – Strength for the struggles she is enduring

AJ C – Strength in his relationship with God

Doug M (Nancy’s nephew) – Treatment for injuries from work accident

Our children and the world that they are growing up in

Jerome D – Help with raising daughter and everyday struggles

Dee C (Atherton’s friend) - Tuberculosis

Andrea B (Nancy’s granddaughter) – Parkinson’s, MS

Jodi N – Family health issues and treatment for PMR

Stacia D (Schiano friend) – Cancer

Tom and Tina S – On going health issues

Dana C (Nancy’s nephew) – Health