Palm Harbor Church of Christ

Continuous Prayer List

Trying times – congregation, church/Christians, country

Teresa S – For her family

Wynelle P – Teaching bible classes at assisted living.

Patty M (Peach’s friend) - Husband has cancer/recovering from brain surgery/blood clot – Prognosis not good.

Charlie (Dawn’s friend’s grandson) – Seizures

Victoria B – (Felecia’s daughter in-law) Health, baby

Sharon M - (Darl & Karen’s friend) Health issues

June C (former member) – Return of cancer

Grace W and family (Matteson’s friends) – Return of cancer 

Mary N (Ethel’s daughter-in-law’s mom) – Medical issues

Josh - Serving the in the military

Jennifer S (Dawn’s nephew’s wife) - Possible return/thyroid cancer

Laura A – Health concerns

Bill B (Missionary Amy Canfield’s dad) – Trapped in China

Kevin K (Ethel’s son-in-law) – Bone cancer/terminal

Jim H – Needs liver transplant

Mr. Forbes (contact of Dawn) – Cancer

Kendall J (Daigle friend) – Needs liver transplant

Sean S (George’s friend) – Has to redo previous treatments

Ethel P – Strength for family problems

Norman and Evelyn A – Health issues

Teresa S, her children and grandchildren – Life struggles

Gayle R (John’ co-worker) – Stage 3 lung cancer

AJ C – Strength in his relationship with God

Our children and the world that they are growing up in

Dee C (Atherton’s friend) - Tuberculosis

Andrea B (Nancy’s granddaughter) – Parkinson’s, MS

Jodi N – Family health issues and treatment for PMR

Stacia D (Schiano friend) – Cancer

Tom and Tina S – On going health issues

Dana C (Nancy’s nephew) – Health